Introducing Loopme

Social media for social learning

LoopMe is a cloud-based service used on the web, tablet or smartphone. We call our users "leaders" and "loopers". Leaders use LoopMe on the web to lead and follow groups of 10-50 loopers or more. Loopers complete action-oriented tasks given to them from their leader, and then reflect upon their resulting learning, insight and personal development. Loopers do this either on the web or on a tablet or smartphone. LoopMe is used in education and working life by teachers, students and employees. Leaders are often teachers or managers. Loopers are often students or employees.

Benefits with LoopMe in brief

Save time in daily work

Time is saved when communication between key roles is structured via LoopMe. Teamwork becomes more relevant, concrete, coordinated.

Reflect more deeply

Reflection and feedback deepens learning and development. This triggers important insights. LoopMe ensures trustful dialogues.

Strengthen the quality of work

Visibility in the development work and focus on continuous learning result in higher quality in the organization. More of what works is done.

Strengthen change leadership

LoopMe facilitates personal and organizational development. Time-effective direct contact gives managers understanding and insight.

Make learning visible

LoopMe makes everyday development and learning visible. Leaders see effects and provide support in a time-efficient manner

Facilitate structured analysis

LoopMe is a scientific tool. This means that structure, systematic ways of working and analytical ability are built into the organization.

Unique features of Loopme

The scientific social media experience

LoopMe is a social media platform tailored for scientific purposes. Leaders using LoopMe get a social real-time "flow" of events. All data can later be analyzed to explore aggregated effects on a large group of users. Statistics guide the analysis and qualitative reflections provide deep insights through the "story" about what happened and why.

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We take support seriously.

With LoopMe you have direct access to extensive support. Much of the support you need is available 24/7 through instructional videos, simple tutorials, and more in-depth details of various aspects of LoopMe.

Regular online training courses are organized on-demand where you can learn everything you need to get started.

Should there be a unique need for your particular way of using the system, our support team is ready to help.

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We help you get started.

To make the journey smooth, we have provided a number of articles helping you to get started.

Most questions will find easy answers in this section.

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“LoopMe lets me take part of students’ reflections, thoughts and questions. I can give them feedback at a time that suits me. Quiet students who typically don’t make their voices heard get a forum where they can get help from me.”

– Annica Carlson, teacher at Björlandagården primary school in Göteborg

“Through LoopMe I keep the conversation going with the students between my lectures. Seemingly simple tasks in LoopMe can create a lot of commitment, and students find that they can create value in new ways as part of just being a bit more active in their daily lives. And through weekly logs in LoopMe they keep their focus on learning instead of being performance driven.”

– Mats Westerberg, Professor at Luleå University of Technology

“With LoopMe we get a direct insight into the participants’ learning processes in a way that we never could get before. We see what is happening, and what is not happening.”

– Malin Heimer, development manager Sundsvall municipality